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In keeping with being a hub, we seek to connect those that care about the future of leadership to those organisations that are best suited to be of help. Here is a draft outline of how this might work, if you feel your organisation would benefit from an association with the Intelligent leadership Hub,.

We are primarily looking for like-minded sponsors. The sponsorship model incorporates the possibility of partnership.

The thinktank

It is still early days and so the operating model is still to be tuned to the market.

The following is clear:

  • We will be seeking to move the dial in respect of the need for a new type of leadership, business model and governance model.
  • Sustainability will be at the core of our work, particularly in respect of organisations, people, communities, societies and the planet.
  • A core community of advisors will influence the thinktank’s deliverables, which are likely to include research, foresight, ‘how to’ and ‘explainer’ reports. These advisors will comprise leaders and experts in the abovementioned domains.
  • We are looking at global impact, although initially there will likely be a certain UK bias.

The following is being considered:

  • Creating an events programme to engage with the wider community.
  • Creating a membership model that includes sponsorable discussion zones.
  • Creating a movement with an element of field activism. In keeping with our evolving charter, we would look to respectfully influence the powers that be in a graceful manner, rather than bully or irritate them into submission.


The various types of sponsorship include, your organisation:

  • Providing resources to help support the thinktank’s mission.
  • Having its logo displayed on our sponsor page.
  • Sponsoring thinktank deliverables, eg. papers, elearning and events.
  • Influencing the direction of the thinktank through having a representative join our core advisory community.
  • Having the opportunity to speak at a thinktank event.
  • Having a thinktank representative speak at your event.
  • Being listed in our partners catalogue.
  • Having its own discussion room, should we build a community forum, coupled with membership subscriptions to share with those your organisation is looking to influence.
  • Being able to promote its services to the thinktank community.
  • Being able to promote the thinktank’s services to its community.


When considering potential sponsors, we will be seeking organisations that:

  • Share our mission and can clearly demonstrate this.
  • Maintain the highest standards in respect of its operations.
  • Either embrace our leadership values or are demonstrably working towards this.
  • Complement our portfolio of sponsors.

Benefits to your organisation

These include:

  • Being associated with a refreshing, radical and holistic brand that will serve to differentiate your organisation’s brand.
  • Gaining early exposure to the issues that leaders care about and the emerging thinking and practice around addressing their needs.
  • Being able to influence an increasingly influential group of core thinktank advisors.
  • Being associated with the production of high quality, engaging and impactful deliverables.
  • The opportunity to expose both your own people and your wider community to the thinktank’s community.

Benefits to the Intelligent Leadership Hub

These include:

  • Being associated with an established brand and its community.
  • Having access to the sponsor’s resources, including financial support, expertise, facilities and administrative support. These are simply examples.
  • Benefitting from the exposure to your community.

Benefit to both parties

These include:

  • Making an impact and enjoying the multiplier effect from likeminded organisations striving to make a positive impact.
  • A fun and exciting journey.
  • The opportunity to develop personally and organisationally because of the quality of the community that we co-develop.

Next steps

The thinktank is embryonic, so at this stage our potential trumps our track record. Thus early sponsors will be taking a chance on whether this would be a wise investment, given all the other exposure and influence options available.

We have a high degree of confidence that this will be a wise move because the market interest is extremely high. We have spent several months researching the market to ensure we were not at risk of building something that already existed.

It’s worth noting that we also have disruption, and Nature, on board. They are ensuring that the demand for the thinktank’s capability will only increase with time. So you would be aligning your organisation with powerful forces.

At this stage, we would welcome an indication of interest. Sooner is better than later as once a sponsor commits then that effectively locks out others who operate in the same space.

Please make contact if you would like to explore further.

NB. This page is not a commercial proposal.