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A new type of leader

The Intelligent Leadership Hub believes that we need to develop a new type of leader who is better suited to an increasingly disrupted world and puts people and the planet at the heart of their decision making.

Thus people, communities and the natural ecosystems impacted by human behaviour are the primary beneficiaries of the thinktank. We believe we can make an impact by focusing on moving the needle in respect of what constitutes a good leader. Good leaders lead to good organisations and societies. These, in turn, lead to healthier people, healthier communities and a healthier planet. 

Is this for you?

To achieve this, we are building a community of people who are: one or more of the following:

  • Leaders
  • Leadership development experts
  • Organisational design and development experts
  • Sustainability experts
  • Experts in the various macroenvironmental forces that are shaping this unknowable future, eg. geopolitics and economics.

We also want to weave in the perspectives of everyone who has a view on the future of leadership, organisations, society and the planet. Shortly, we will build a community where people can engage online and face-to-face. Thus our community members can play a role in the events and reports produced by the thinktank.

Needle moving stuff

The thinktank’s outputs will be produced to influence those that have the power to shape leadership whether through education, media or policy channels. 

If this appeals, then please register interest, here.

Our services

Awareness raising

We can help you raising the issues associated with leadership and disruption internally or to your target markets through supporting your events as a keynoter or panellist.

We can support your communication campaigns through mind-moving thought leadership articles and reports.


We can help you with the transformative journey your leaders, organisation and people need to take.


We can help you develop your leaders and your aspirant leaders so that they can lead in an increasingly unknowable world.

Through our strategic partnerships, we can provide high value experiential learning adapted to the needs of your organisation.


If you are planning to influence the prevailing narrative in respect of leadership, transformation or the future of work, we can help you generate evidenced insights that you can use to impact your market or your society.


We intend to build a diverse community of stakeholders focused on reinventing leadership for the benefit of people, organisations, societies and the planet.

The community will have an influential role in respect of the thinktank's focus and research.

More to follow...